A note about the Sewers 
Well, the sewer is part of the greater water system, which is quite extensive. As the city is built upon older cities and around and through other cities, it is quite the place down there. The main lines can run as wide as 60', but standard is 20' with two 5' ledges and a 10' trough that is between inches and 10' deep down the center. It has many levels because of this with the deeper levels being older and more disused. There is quite a bit of other bits and pieces though, and places that are ignored that have been piped around or are disused or old basements and such that lines were built right through, so who can say. There are even places that were just built on top of other places like the Basement Bar that has a staircase that leads into the upper floor of an old bordello whose windows look out into a cave of some sort. The windows are heavily barred and 3 stories in the air with the stairs down to the next level filled with debris and in turn barred as well.

Where the lines meet up are there are usually large junctures for various purposes. An example is one that is actually in open air where one of the city aqueducts dumps fresh water into a well an side tubes (barred shut) go off into the underground for overflow. It is a waterfall in the western part of the city. Construction runs the gamut with stone being the primary construction material with fresh water pipe generally being iron.

Inhabitant wise there is the Sewer Guild (primarily humans), the Pipefitter and IronTube Union (mostly dwarves) and the Valve Lords (dwarves/gnomes). These groups are all part of construction/repair/upkeep. There are constructs that are loose in the sewers keeping things tended and vermin down. Of course tales regularly come out about other creatures most foul but very little in the way of tales of organized groups like kobolds or the like, they tend to get ruthlessly hunted down. There are rumors of a great white worm, but there are at least three different descriptions of it from "eye witnesses" so who is to say? There are many tales of what is down there, each getting more outlandish as the teller speaks of deeper levels. Classic stories like 'The Groaner of Junction #141', 'The Pool of Salt Fish Lake', and the very scary 'Oily Demon of the Steam Pipe Venue' are all available for telling from your local bard for a small fee. There is also supposedly a gnomish church down there though no one seems to know where it is, to what deity it is devoted to, and any gnome you ask about it will just give you a funny look.

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