Got me thinking 
I have been seeing a lot of dungeon tiles out in the market of late. From the excellent ones at Inked Adventures to the many cool other ones in places like Matt Jackson's Moleskine Maps. So I thought I might toss my hat in the ring with a few posted here. One thing I will add though is a bit of color, adventure idea or even a few quick write ups in whatever game system the mood strikes me. These are doe on preprinted 3x5 quad ruled cards so they have a limitation built right in to work around that makes them kind of fun to have to work with. They come 100 to a pack, so here goes -

For today a simple path/road through a light woods. At one end in a set of bushes are two goblins armed with light crossbows and daggers (ST:6; DX:14; LtCr:1d6+2; Dag:1d6; One shot only - they are too weak to reload.) Nestled in the scrub in front of them are two goblin fighters with axes wearing leather armor (ST:12; DX:10(9); Axe:1d6+2;) and a goblin shaman armed with his staff (ST:10; DX:11; IN:9; Spells: Magic Fist, Blur, Image-1; Staff:1d6-1). The shaman's staff has an embedded stone that allows the casting of Invisibility, but only on the caster and the fatigue must drain from the staff. The warriors will rush into battle after the volley of crossbow bolts with the archers arriving the next round to reinforce them. The shaman will have cast Image-1 three times to hide his troops from the road and when combat starts he stands well back offering up magic fist to weaken his foes. If things go badly he is not above abandoning his troops and using his invisibility to slink away for another day. Each goblin has 2d6cp and 1d6-2sp. The shaman has 18sp and 3gp. If the shaman is slain and the gem is pried out from his inert staff it will be worth 50sp.

The rule set used here is a Metagaming Melee/Wizard compatible from Dark City Games They make very nice stuff, check them out.

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Our story begins in a small villiage.... 
The home for my new campaign. The link takes you to a larger version of the map. The template for Hexographer is from The Welsh Piper, a wonderful resource for hex mapping with for that old school game.

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Back to blogging 
Not blogging really, just a place to post my garbage.

I have a number of things to share with people and it was looking like it was going to be on {shudder} Facebook or any any number of other sites, but after conferring with some people that isn't going to happen. For the most part this is because it seems that everyone that is running one of these giant concentrator sites feels that they can take posted files and put them into their revenue streams without so much as a 'Thank You'. So thank you Pinterest, FB, et al, I will keep my creative work for myself. Even if that means I will have an audience of one, me.

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